Architecture and interior design are advancing at a fast pace, excellence being found in the most revolutionary materials. AZUVI provides ceramic solutions that offer an answer to these challenges, both for interiors and exteriors – façades, floors, claddings, worktops and furniture. Its entire attention, sensitivity and professionalism is focused on offering a range of products perfectly adapted to the latest trends in order to meet the most demanding requirements of markets and customers.

As response to the design requirements and challenges of today’s spaces, AZUVI created LAMIKER. A series of coloured body porcelain collections in large formats that can be adapted to a multitude of possibilities. LAMIKER offers large-sized porcelain with a minimum thickness that represents the optimal point between quality and functionality.

AZUVI’s new highly versatile material opens up new possibilities in the world of architecture and design, where everything represents an advantage. It possesses great physical and technical characteristics which make it unique: maximum lightness, chemical resistance, stain resistance, frost resistance, fire resistance, and water resistance; it is easy to handle and assemble, easy to cut, it presents a minimum amount of joints and is manufactured using recyclable materials.


Large formats, together with high technology, allow a wide range of applications: floor covering, personalised floors, wall covering, façades, shower trays, bathtubs, washbasins, worktops, islands and kitchen worktops, decorative objects, lighting, steps, and other furniture and appliances.


LAMIKER is founded on the firm belief that materials present limitless possibilities and applications and is designed in accordance with the most demanding trends, architecture and projects, offering large-sized solutions that are manufactured with the latest, most advanced production systems and technology available, never before present in the market. The new formats are: 90×270 cm, 120×260.


LAMIKER offers large-sized porcelain with a minimum thickness that represents the optimal point between quality and functionality. It fully complies with current regulations, being a resistant material that and allows for its thickness to be adjusted according to its application. For interior claddings and facades it is recommended to install the 6 mm for its lightness, while for ventilated pavements and facades, the 9 or 12 mm tiles are recommended as more suitable options. However, all of the three available thicknesses are equally adequate choices for worktops, furniture, decorative objects etc. SUSTAINABILITY.

LAMIKER upholds the principles of dedication to the protection of the environment and health and safety in the workspace. Our approach to applying them include, without being limited to: reducing, reusing and recycling waste, incorporating environmental management in all areas of the company and responsibly planning human resources

For this purpose, all our packaging is recyclable, with even the catalogue being made of FSC certified paper, guaranteeing a controlled, responsible reforestation of the woodlands. LAMIKER was created by a strongly united team that shares the same passion for art, great design, architecture, approach to product development, commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment and a particular lifestyle vision.

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