AZUVI. Sustainable materials

AZUVI, a leading porcelain brand, distinguishes itself by presenting collections of finishes and aesthetics with personality, offering a versatile, high quality material with which unique combinations can be created, with the added value of being a resource consistent with sustainability, one of Azuvi´s leading principles.

Porcelain is synonymous with a strong, compact and attractive material. One of its greatest advantages is its high resistance, guaranteeing a long life cycle. Being water, humidity and sunlight proof, its lifespan extends over decades, eliminating, therefore, the need to use new resources to replace it.

Another great advantage is the fact that porcelain is low maintenance, not needing special, industrial treatments. Routine cleaning requires only clean water and a small amount of neutral soap, efficiently removing contaminating elements. For a perfect result, without marks or traces, only a minimum amount of water must be applied to the product.

This simple gesture maintains it bright and clean while avoiding water waste or environmental contamination. In addition to this, porcelain is the highest valued, sought-after material for interiors, not only due to its alluring aesthetics and durable quality, but also because it is non-toxic and does not contain volatile organic compounds, thus maintaining a clean, healthy environment.

At the same time, porcelain does not emit harmful substances in case of fire, being 100% non-flammable. The aesthetic qualities of the material are paramount in a world of constantly changing tendencies, reason for which AZUVI features collections of floor and wall ceramic tiles of high technical performance with a natural finish that are the perfect fit for spaces seeking a timeless feel. Matt finish materials and classic shades are preferred by architects as well as interior designers and decorators, with a high interest in avant-garde spaces with warm touches.

AZUVI envisions interiors as unique, exclusive spaces, and offers a diverse range of design solutions that come in various available formats, shades, textures and that are, above all, sustainable.

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