20 | July | 2019

New Azuvi polished finishes.

AZUVI expands its Aran and Calacatta porcelain collections with the new polished, high gloss finish. Delicate in appearance but of highly resistant quality, they achieve an incomparable presence.

A perfect new option to take into account for the most ambitious of projects, it offers colours and textures that attain a mirror effect, enhancing both the luminosity and amplitude of all types of spaces.

Manufactured in coloured body with a thickness of only 7mm, they are unique pieces for flooring and wall covering, available in 60x120 cm - 24 "x48"-Rc- G-670 format.

The new polished finish is available in all three shades of the Aran series, namely: Aran Lightgrey Polished, Aran Grey Polished and Aran Darkgrey Polished and has also been incorporated into the Calacatta model of the Marbles collection.

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